Our player eligibility rules ease roster restrictions for smaller companies with less than 1,000 employees allowing them to tap into players from the "pool." Pool players must not work for a company already entered into the 2018 tournament. Based on your answers to the questions below, the tournament director may assign you to a company team. There is no guarantee that you will be assigned - the number of pool players that are called into service depends on the number of small companies in need of players and the need for your position and skill on their team. Thank you for your interest and good luck!

Important Notes:

1. Pool players will be assigned as soon as possible to teams - this allows you to try out and practice. If they decide you are not a good fit for their team, you will go back into the pool and will be eligible for another team assignment.
2. Your name and employer will be published to all participating community cup teams. Falsifying your information will result in a permanent ban from the 2018 and all future community cups.

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